Franchise Cronicass Carnivoras

Company’s presentation

In 2013 our Project Cronicass Carnivoras was born. We had some experience at restaurant business, new ideas and we love eating good food. It was a Young, ambitious, serious and innovative Project. Our main goal is to find a business idea where our clients can taste quality handmade dishes with a very good value for Money.

We expect to satisfy one of the basic needs of a person: the feeding.To do it we base on a big and varied menu, where you can find traditional, hamburgers, sándwiches, or burritos.

We select our raw materials and handmake our products everyday, to get that your Cronicass times are special experiences that you’d love to repeat.

Why are we different?


The success of our menu is to have got a good balance between differents culinary tastes, with a big and varied gastronomic offer. So we can satisfy in one table to chlidren, teenagers, Young people and adults. Our main differentiating elements are:

  • The quality of our produts:

    Our produts are handmade everyday with fresh ingredients to get the best taste in our dishes.

  • Abundance in our dishes:

    The quality does not have to conflict wiht the quantity.

  • Bajo coste de venta:

Thank to our agreemets with our suppliers and to our way of work, we have got to offer low prices to our customers.

Our menu

Cronicass Carnivoras has the essence of the best mediterranean cook and the current tecnology, organization and the modern restaurant business. Our menu is divided in:

Tapas and rations

classics and innovatives, they let our customers to have a lot of kind of dishes to satisfy their culinary taste.


there is nothing similar in the market. The best quality-quantity-price relationship.


great combination of original tastes to not leave indifferent anyone who tries it.

Our challenges

We have two challenges: hamburguesa brutaca and burrito Adam Richman. For everyone who can eat them in less than 45 minutes. The food is free, we give them a tsirt and put a picture in our Hall of Fame

Hamburguesa Brutaca

1 kg de carne de ternera, tomate, lechuga, mahonesa, pepinillo, bacon, cebolla, tortilla, 2 quesos y jamón de york.

Burrito Adam Richman

Burrito de 2 kg de peso con: arroz, mix de carnes, mix de quesos y salsa barbacoa.

Our restaurants

Our restaurants are designed to influence your mood, generating a cozy atmosphere where you can feel comfortable while enjoying our wide variety of products.

We bet to locate our restaurants in zones of affluence of people to maximize benefits. Currently all our restaurants are profitable and we hope that in the next openings they will continue to be so.

Restaurant gallery

Different images of our restaurants

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All our gastronomic offer is complemented by an image, a name and a very attractive logo for all types of public, causing curiosity, generating pleasant expectations, which encourage our customers to visit our restaurants.

Together we will reach far

Cronicass Carnivoras is a successful and proven business in the premises that we have managed since then and that now offer the opportunity to join our network with great conditions